About Us

We unite the People’s Republic of China with all of Latin America, promoting comprehensive exchange and advisory services.

We are a Peruvian Company with many business relationships with Asian and World Countries

The founders of UXZ Supply Chain S.A.C. have a lot of experience in international trade and business in the People’s Republic of China, as well as with several countries in the Americas.

We are dedicated to providing services for local and foreign companies and represent various incorporated brands that trade their products with the world.

Our goal is to develop businesses and form strategic alliances with local entrepreneurs and firms, as well as with companies from abroad.


To be the strategic and reliable ally of our clients in the operations of international trade, electronic commerce, and other business services, between Asia and Latin America.


To be a reliable and effective assistant in all types of client needs, provide great flexibility and personality in our services.


Provide at all times Innovation, Efficiency, Attention and generate loyalty to our customers.